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M3. Design Studio

Students address and develop viable and sound projects of urban intervention in the built environment to improve its sustainability through a methodology based on analysis and comprehensive diagnosis to develop strategic approaches and intervention designs. 

Second Semester
Adolf Sotoca, Mariana Palumbo, Pere Fuertes (ENG)
Albert Cuchí, Elena Albareda, Roger Sauquet (CAT/ES)
Course guide

The studio aims to address intervention projects in the built environment based on a real-life case study within Barcelona metropolitan area, through hands-on student teamwork. The first part involves the analysis and diagnosis of the case – continuing the work of the first semester – and the second part focuses on the development of strategic and intervention proposals. Regular feedback with first-semester faculty and representatives of public institutions is scheduled.

Regular reviews, public discussions, and lectures – about the studio topics, reference cases or complementary know-how – are scheduled in the afternoon. Students dispose of an atelier for the development of the project throughout the day.

A review day in the design studio